Why should you brush and floss your teeth?

One of the things that you hear from your dentist is how important it is to brush your teeth and floss. That might sound simple enough but since there are so many toothbrush options to choose from, how do you choose the right one? Be sure to remember the following when choosing your next toothbrush and you’re good to grin.

  1. Soft bristles – Soft bristles are a must to keep your teeth and gums healthy. While it may feel satisfying to use a hard bristled brush to get your teeth feeling squeaky clean, it can actually damage the protective enamel layer of your teeth and can also damage your gums, causing them to pull away from your teeth (gingival recession). Consider regular dental cleanings to manage the hard to remove build up and use an electric tooth brush to maintain that level of hygiene that you expect.
  2. Small head – There are many toothbrush features out there. And, yes, some do literally have bells, and/or whistles. Finding the features that make the most sense for your oral hygiene routine can be a fun research binge or a well planned strategy session with your dentist. Be sure to use a brush with a small head to reach all teeth, their surfaces and tight spots in between. 
  3. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months or when there are signs of wear, like fraying. If you have to ask yourself whether your toothbrush looks differentbigger or is leaning in a different direction than when it was purchased, consider purchasing a new toothbrush. Worn bristles do not remove plaque as efficiently as new bristles do.

The best toothbrush is the one that you use twice a day, for two minutes, has soft bristles with a small head, is comfortable to hold and allows contact with all exposed surfaces of all teeth.

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